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Fabricated Equipment

Below please find a few pictures of our Special Tools - List of Tools: All in one lifting fixture, A/B car - jacking inserts, 6,000 Lb. Scissor Lifting Table with Heavy Duty Casters, Journal Bearing Installation and Removal Tool, Hydraulic Oil Flushing Unit, Laser Particle Counter, Car Body Leveling Measurement Bars w/Protective Cases, Bogie Press with 4" HDY Cylinders and Extension Rails, S70 Power Bogie Assembly and Disassembly Fixture w/Heavy Duty Casters, Bogie Transportation Dollies w/flat surface and rail wheels w/hydraulic lift, A and B Motor Truck Stand, Suspension Press for Non-Power Truck, King Pin Bearing Removal Tool, Tire Cut Off Saw, Welding Fixtures, Air Pressure Testing Unit (Amtrak), Wheel Truing Hold Downs.

Tire Cut Off Saw


Tire Cut Off Saw


LRV Lifting Jacks 8-16-21.JPG
Kumbruch Jacks


Sales and Service

- Maintenance


Sealant Pump Cart Ready 8-12-21_edited.jpg
Sealant Pump Cart


- Sealant Pump Cart

Amtrak Air Pressure Testing Unit


- Air Pressure Testing unit

King Pin Bearing Removal Tool


- King Pin Bearing Removal Tool

- Bearing Removal Tools in Job Box

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