Fabricated Equipment

Tire Cut Off Saw


Tire Cut Off Saw



Below please find a few pictures of our Special Tools - List of Tools: All in one lifting fixture, A/B car - jacking inserts, 6,000 Lb. Scissor Lifting Table with Heavy Duty Casters, Journal Bearing Installation and Removal Tool, Hydraulic Oil Flushing Unit, Laser Particle Counter, Car Body Leveling Measurement Bars w/Protective Cases, Bogie Press with 4" HDY Cylinders and Extension Rails, S70 Power Bogie Assembly and Disassembly Fixture w/Heavy Duty Casters, Bogie Transportation Dollies w/flat surface and rail wheels w/hydraulic lift, A and B Motor Truck Stand, Suspension Press for Non-Power Truck, King Pin Bearing Removal Tool, Tire Cut Off Saw, Welding Fixtures, Air Pressure Testing Unit (Amtrak), Wheel Truing Hold Downs.

Kumbruch Jacks


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- Maintenance

Light Rail Vehicle Unloading Winch


- Unloading Winch

Amtrak Air Pressure Testing Unit


- Air Pressure Testing unit

King Pin Bearing Removal Tool


- King Pin Bearing Removal Tool

- Bearing Removal Tools in Job Box